INNOVATIS is a boutique in the global asset management market with a specialization in managed accounts and structured products, designed upon the client’s specific requirements. The asset management team provides longterm international experience and specialized know-how. The use of a high quality and fast information tool allows to react on any market changes nearly in real time. Our most distinctive strengths are fast and innovative solutions focused on an optimal risk return ratio and values. The track record of the past years shows results above the benchmark. A key parameter underlying each investment decision is to preserve the principal capital. It determines the risk level for each of the products. To benefit from the INNOVATIS asset management approach the company is providing various ways of product design. For asset management related matters please contact INNOVATIS (Suisse) AG at
Managed Accounts
INNOVATIS assists in setting up managed accounts and offers individualized investment portfolios tailored to the specific needs of the respective account holders. The strenght of INNOVATIS is the active management of FIXED INCOME portfolios with steady and stable returns.
Tailor Made Solutions
INNOVATIS has realized various individual investment products and projects that have been developed based on the ideas of investors and managed by the asset management team.

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